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Meet Our Furry Friends

Bella - Office Manager

The OG - Bella! She is a 14-year old yorkie who has been with us through everything. Despite being the oldest, she's still young at heart! She follows mom everywhere and loves car rides!

Mellie - Jr. Office Manager

The newest addition to the AVA team - meet Mellie! She joined the Vahue family in February 2023 and we've been soaking up all the cuddles and love every day since. She is a morkie - maltese yorkie mix - with a spotted nose and body that resembles a cow!

Nala - Marketing assistant

The teddy bear of the bunch - meet Nala! She's the laziest pup, always curled up in a blanket and snoozing. She is a shih-poo - shih tzu toy poodle mix - who knows nothing about personal space!

The Star Of The Show - Misha Vahue

The Star Of The Show - Misha Vahue

Meet adorable and sassy Misha Elle
Such a joyful and kind little mademoiselle
She is sure to be a future rising star
In life we are confident she will go far
She loves pretending to be just like mom
She is smart and sweet, but not at all calm
She will often be at my desk working on her “laptop”
Saying “mommy, I am in a meeting, you need to stop”
Her smile and laugh melts everyone’s heart
She has been destined for greatness right from the start
She is the absolute pride and joy of Angela & Matt
Who knows, maybe she will even make an appearance in our next video chat!

Fun Fact:
Every year for Misha’s birthday Angela writes her a poem about all the things she has done, learned, and loved over the past year. One of her goals is to take these poems and create a children’s book to be published!

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Angela and her family in Alexandria during the fall! Angela and her husband, Matt, love entertaining friends at their home, traveling, and spending time with their daughter. Angela is definitely the handy one of the family!

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Fun Fact: On Angela's dad's side of the family, Angela and Brandi are one of 36 grandchildren and Misha is one 17 great-grand children.

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Kath and her boyfriend, Connor at a wedding in their hometown, Canandaigua, NY. In their freetime, they love going for walks with their dog Nala, cooking together, and binge watching their favorite TV shows!

Our History

Fun Fact: Kath has 10 nieces and nephews! Pictured is her sweet and bubbly niece, Cecilia.