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"Alone, We Can Do So Little; Together, We Can Do So Much" - Helen Keller

"Alone, We Can Do So Little; Together, We Can Do So Much"

- Helen Keller

Get To Know Us

Angela has worked closely with Client Relations Coordinator & Marketing Specialist, Kath Wantuck since 2021 with many years to come! We are so blessed to have a bond that extends beyond the workplace; believing deeply in having a foundation of trust paired with personal and professional connection within our team to ensure we provide our clients with a top-tier experience. You'll often find us vision planning and creating, constantly striving to bring clients an exclusive and authentic experience.

In our logo, you'll notice a flock of geese flying over "AVA". We found that this image resonated deeply with our ideals; symbolizing the importance of teamwork and loyalty while also indicating taking flight and beginning a new journey together. After a year of amazing change and growth, it has reminded us to explore life from a new perspective - taking an opportunity to look down and see our realm differently. Sighting a flock of geese is also said to be a sign of good fortune, bringing wealth and peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on doing things differently, redefining the norms of the financial services industry by showing our deep level of compassion to foster thoughtful client relationships. Everything we do is driven by gratitude and meaningful relationships with the community we've built. Our team is eager to share AVA Wealth Advisors’ passion to create and nurture an exclusive community of ambitious and positive, like-minded individuals; devoted to achieving GROWTH and BALANCE to live their best LIFE.

our mission
Angela Vahue - President & Financial Specialist

Angela Vahue - President & Financial Specialist

Angela Vahue is the proud owner and president of AVA Wealth Advisors (Angela Vahue & Associates Wealth Advisors). She finds it greatly rewarding to use her skills to help others achieve financial health and the independence that financial health can provide. 

Her reasons for becoming a financial professional are deeply personal. Angela was one of three kids and did not come from a lot of money. This taught her at a young age to never give up and to always figure out a way. It wasn’t a matter of IF something could be done, it was a matter of HOW to get it done.

Having experienced multiple life events herself, has given her an intimate understanding behind the true power of being financially healthy and independent.

Success to her is when a client leaves their meeting saying that they feel so much better having met, and they will sleep better tonight. She helps to save people from financial distress by teaching and educating them on how to create a balanced and fulfilling life.

Following a successful career in the financial services industry with M&T Bank and HSBC, Angela joined Guardian Life Insurance Company and its affiliates in 2011. Angela has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades over the past decade with Guardian, including “Best in State” Financial Security Professional by Forbes, Top 50 Financial Advisors of New York State for Finance & Investing and is a perennial Court of the Table qualifier at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a global, independent association of the world’s leading insurance and financial services professionals. She was also recognized by the Rochester Business Journal as a Financial Leader of 2022, which recognizes financial professionals who have made outstanding contributions to their organizations and to the community.

Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities and Financial Representative of Guardian. CA Insurance License #0M97999. The Forbes award is not issued by Guardian or its subsidiaries. The annual Forbes ranking of Best-In-State Financial Security Professional is based on criteria developed and obtained by SHOOK Research, LLC. No compensation was provided in connection with obtaining this rating. Past performance is not an indication of future results. Million Dollar Round Table is endorsed by but not affiliated with Guardian or its subsidiaries. Applicants must annually qualify for membership based on productivity and pay an annual fee.

Kath Wantuck - director of marketing & client relations

Kath Wantuck - director of marketing & client relations

Kath has had the honor of working with Angela since 2021 and counting. From the moment they met, they immediately clicked - having a mutual understanding and appreciation for how the business would be run and creating the community and brand Angela has envisioned.

Coming from a background in administrative business and marketing, Kath has always had a passion for creating, organizing, and delivering at a level that exceeds expectations. She graduated from Ithaca College in an impressive three years - right after covid started in March of 2020. She has always had a zest to strive for excellence. In any given week, our team comes up with a handful of ideas for our next marketing project; constantly striving to push the envelope and provide our clients with an exceptional and personalized experience to keep us top of mind.

In her free time, you'll often find Kath cooking, exercising, cleaning, or spending time with friends and family. "I take pride in all of the simple joys of life. My relationships with others and myself is extremely important to me so I devote most of my time to balancing those areas." She focuses on surrounding herself with people who keep her cup full and by doing activities that exude the same. Although young, she has an old soul - one of the levels that her and Angela connect deeply on!

The Story Behind The Website Photos

The Story Behind The Website Photos

We were so unbelievably fortunate to have had Angela's sister, Brandi, bring our vision to life and capture the most amazing photos for our website. And yes - all of the photos you see here are US or taken by US! The story behind the photos is even more meaningful as each one we set off on an adventure around the Washington, D.C. area to find locations that capture the essence of AVA Wealth Advisors.

We approached each day with an open agenda and as luck would have it most locations appeared to us as if they were "meant to be." How perfect that on a clear evening, driving along the backroads in the countryside, we happen to catch the sun setting along the distant mountains? Of course we pulled over immediately and scaled the fence to capture the most beautiful sunset! Sorry to the farmer if you're seeing this!

We were also on a mission to find the most vibrant cherry blossoms, and as you can tell from our pictures - it was a success! Nestled in the midst of large historic buildings in the heart of D.C., we found the most beautiful park lined with the fullest cherry blossoms.

These photos mean the world to us. And Brandi, we can't thank you enough for your amazing work!