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Life is like a puzzle. Let us help you build yours!

"Chance Favors The Prepared Mind" -Louis Pasteur


The Acquistion or gradual gathering of something

Grow with confidence during accumulation phase creating balance between living for today while saving for tomorrow. Turning goals into reality by helping to prepare and protect things most valuable all while working hard to optimally save and elevate lifestyles, creating flexibility to pivot and change along the way.



Whether it be for Private or parochial grade school, State college, or Ivy league, we help to navigate the costs and savings required to achieve your goals. 

career change

career change

Change in today's world is all too common. From planned changes, to unexpected, or an opportunity of a lifetime, having a plan can be the difference between choosing to say yes or no.

life events planning

life events planning

Lets face it, life happens! From exciting things like getting married or buying a new home, to the unexpected such as car and/or home repairs or health issues with a lot of other things in-between.  Plan confidently by saving optimally, protecting fully, living a debt free life, all within balance.

retirement readiness

retirement readiness

Have you ever wondered, am I saving enough? Am I saving in the right places? We plan for balance between liquidity, risk and taxation not only for today, but also projecting the impact of that balance into the future giving us the ability to stress test multiple scenarios. 


To spread out so as to cover something; to divide among several or many

Retire by your design and create the lasting legacy that you envision. We spend our working years building wealth to be able to enjoy and spend during our golden years of retirement. Having a plan allows the freedom to fulfill the impact and memories which can make all of the difference in turning goals into reality. Live with confidence of not outliving money while maintaining flexibility to adjust as life around us changes.

retirement income strategies

retirement income strategies

After decades of working hard and building up wealth, it can be very stressful deciding what assets to spend down and in what order. Keeping lifestyle, desires, and goals at top of mind while balancing risk, taxation, liquidity, and legacy can be quite the juggling act. Having a strategy and plan in place can increase confidence while enhancing quality of life.

Long Term Care & Social Security Planning

Long Term Care & Social Security Planning

The biggest questions in retirement can be at what age to take social security and how to pay for health care costs along with elder care if needed. There are multiple strategies to decide from making these crucial decisions complex and confusing. We break the complexity down into simple terms to understand so you can make the best decisions for yourself.

Multi-generational Legacy Planning

Multi-generational Legacy Planning

A financial inheritance is a way to have a long-lasting impact beyond one's physical life, changing the trajectory of the next generation's life forever. Not knowing how assets pass can be very costly and inefficient. Aligning one's assets with their intensions is key to navigating this complex world.

Charitable Planning

Charitable Planning

Integrating the generosity of charitable giving can have multidimensional benefits in one's overall plan. Extending beyond the monetary benefits, not only does it make you feel good and is a major mood booster, but it can also have a long-lasting impact, strengthen personal values, and strengthen the community.

What We Offer

Angela and AVA Wealth Advisors are a go-to destination providing access to life-centered financial planning, retirement income planning and other wealth management and insurance solutions. A variety of the services we offer are listed below, but are not limited to this selection. Comprehensive advise is subject to fees starting at $1000. For more information on our practice and the services we offer, send us a quick email or inquiry. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and answer any questions you may have!


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