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1099s - What to Expect In The Upcoming Months

Park Avenue Securities sends its 1099s in two waves. The first wave is typically sent out by February 15th, and the second wave goes out around March 15th. The wave in which your 1099 is determined is based on the underlying investments and when the investments themselves have reported the necessary information to Park Avenue to include on your 1099.

Trivia time! In what year did the date change to extend out the postmarking of 1099's beyond January 31st?

A) 2015

B) 2008

C) 1995

D) 2020

Answer to the trivia question will be revealed next month!

Depending on your delivery preferences, you will receive an email notification either when your 1099 Composite is available to view online or download, or a paper copy in the mail (allowing 7-10 business for mail delivery).

Instructions on how to register for online access are linked below! For increased security and protection, the fastest and easiest way to update your password is by contacting customer service directly at (888) 600-0003.

How to Register Online


February 2nd: Groundhog Day

February 11th: SuperBowl Sunday

February 14th: Valentine's Day

February 19th: President's Day (AVA office is closed)

February 29th: Leap Day

Wishing all Leap Day babies the happiest of birthdays times 4!!

March 8th-14th: Work Conference (AVA office is closed)

March 10th: Daylight Savings Time

March 17th: St. Patrick's Day

March 24th: National Cocktail Day! Cheers!

March 29th: Good Friday (AVA office is closed)

March 31st: Easter Sunday

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